A stable river flow offers pleasure… a volatile offers EXCITEMENT !! that’s what rafting is all about.
A high adrenaline sport which involves navigating river in inflatable raft with proper safety measures, Rafting offers not only excitement and thrill, but also give a chance to challenge oneself.

Depending upon how choppy is the river, rafting offers different level of difficulty and challenge to win the fear seeing the wild up and down swing of the river.

This activity is performed with an experienced Rafter who acts like a guide, who actually drives the raft through the river. Adventure enthusiasts are briefed on few important instructions before the session which are followed throughout. Guide navigated the raft through the river knowing well the depth of the river and stones beneath the water.

Adventure enthusiasts wear life jacket and a helmet to safeguard from any mis-happening while rafting from still waters to the rapids. Rapids are the high tide waves formed generally the turn of the river. Rafting is safe even for non-swimmers as life jacket helps keep us afloat in the water. Even first timers can do it safely. It is very important to follow the instructions of the guide.

River rafting in India can be enjoyed on the famous rapids in the Kundalika, Ganga and Tons Rivers. Rishikesh has some famous rapids offering high level of excitement. Rapids like – Sweet Sixteen, Roller Coaster and The Wall, three Blind Mice is one of the popular rapid which comes under grade III. Rapids are given grading depending upon the level of difficulty involved.
Imagine, the raft dipping into the wave and then coming out of it tearing it apart!! Fear on the face seeing the rapid from a distance and then conquering it, an exciting feeling that completely shake the mind to make us believe – nothing is impossible.

Most popular rafting sites in India are Rishikesh, Manali, Kolad and River Tons in Garhwal.

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