One of the most popular and a crowd puller adventure sport in India. Paragliding is becoming as one of the most sought after adventure sports in the corporate India. A jump from a slant edge of a mountain, paragliding makes you feel like flying like a bird with a top view of landscape on the ground.

It seems risky at the first sight, but the pleasure beyond the fear cannot be described. Few steps on a little slant of the mountain and you are in the AIR !!! and up looking beyond the mountains and a clear view of how the landscape is laid down below.

To perform paragliding, pilots are trained and certified and security measures are also taken care of. Till the pilot seem the correct direction and speed of the wind, a go ahead is not given for the flight. It has its limitations on the weather conditions as the activity cannot be performed in high velocity wind and when it rains.

It’s the pilot that fly the glider. A harness is attached with the pilot and the glider. Glider is opened first and when the air fills into the glider, a few step run on a little slant and the thrust pulls up the glider into the air. Up in the air, pilot controls the direction of the glider and also takes care of descend at the landing point. Few acrobatics are also performed in the air for the delight of the adventure enthusiast.

Manali and Bhimtal are the most popular destination for paragliding for the beginers and first timers. This is generally at about 2000 – 2500 feet above the sea level. Higher flights at about height of 5,000 feet also happen at these locations. Manali offers breath-taking view of the valley and also almost weather perfect during April – June.

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