Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Alongwith friends and loved ones, slowly ascending up in the air – everyone together enjoying the thrill of slowly leaving the ground and increasing the span of horizon and a much broader view of the landscapes below. To feel this, you have to get into the wicker basket of a hot air balloon.

Hot air ballooning in India is calling the enthusiasts for an experience at a good rate. A huge balloon attached to a basket is blown up and is filled with hot air via a burner placed below. Hot air being lighter than air takes the balloon up. To descend, pilot reduces the heat which decreases the temperature inside the balloon making air less hot and thus less heavy to bring the balloon down. Pilots are trained to modify the temperature of the air inside the balloon as per the atmospheric conditions. Once the balloon is up, wind decides the direction of the balloon. Pilots are trained well to chart a course of the balloon.

In India, Jaipur and Lonavala are the two prime locations that offer hot air ballooning.

Hot air ballooning in India is organised at a number of locations, where proper facilities are present for the successful execution of the activity. Amongst all the places, Lonavala and Jaipur are the most popular ones. Your ballooning experience will be around 3 hours long, and you will touch elevations of approximately 1200 feet. This is high enough to make adrenaline rush through your body and give you a memorable time.

The balloon is made of synthetic fabric, and a basket is attached to it by the means of ropes. Coatings of chemical are applied on its surface to prevent air from passing through it. Liquefied propane is contained in metal tanks, and is fed into burners by opening inlet nozzles. These tanks may also have gauges to measure the volume and pressure of the contents. As the gas is lit, the increasing temperature results in lift, and the whole structure starts flying.

You may find some flights equipped with various instruments to aid navigation. Whenever you want to land, open the vent on top of the envelope to release excess gas.

Hot air ballooning generally happen either early morning or in the evening as surface temperature is not too high making winds blow at the right pace. To engage in this activity, preferably, age should be above 8 and height above 4 feet.

This activity is not advisable for people with heart ailment, blood pressure, epilepsy, any psychiatric condition, pregnancy and any neurological other disorder.

Locations – Jaipur, Goa, Ranthambore.

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