A recreational activity connecting oneself with the nature and basics, it is pursued outdoors away from cities and towns in the lap of nature. One can feel close to the nature – fresh air, birds chirping in the silence of the valley, river flowing nearby and an open sky. Campfire in the evening with a clear sky and bright stars. A camp set on top of a hill makes one feel stars are just a leap up !!

Camping is usually combined with other adventure activities, such as rock climbing, rappelling, nature walk, river crossing, bird watching, village tours, hiking, rafting, kayaking and like. Inhouse activities like sports are also in vogue. There are number of destinations in India that offer basic to luxury camping with all modern amenities to make traveller comfortable.

Nowadays, Camping is not only offered in the mountains, but are also offered in the deserts and in wildlife parks as well. Places like Nainital, Rishikesh, Mashobra, Ranthambore, Corbett, Shimla, Manali, Leh to name a few that offers different camping experience.

Destinations in hills offer breath-taking views of the valley, flora and fauna. A small stream flowing nearby or an open Machaan to sleep below an open sky and bright stars in the silence of the valley.

Camps set in a wilderness like Corbett, Ranthambore offer a jungle like experience, safari.
Desert camps like in Pushkar, Jaisalmer are set against backdrop of golden sand dunes. Camel rides, evening Banjara Dance are the main attraction of the Desert Camp.

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