About Us

About Us

Founded by an alumnus of a premier B school, we endeavor to deliver a charged up & more engaged team which is more enthusiastic about their work. Offsites – customerised as per the requirement of the team.

Offsites helps in motivating employees by way of fine tuning Drivers such as communication, performance clarity and feedback, organisational culture, rewards and recognition, relationships with managers and peers and knowledge of the organisation’s goals and vision & Also enhancing Cooperation which encompasses positive relationship among employees within a group creating inherent willingness of individuals working in a team to pull in the same direction and achieve goals.

We help manage employee engagement programs like offsites, R&R events, Sales Meet,Conferencing, and like. We offer end to end solution by way of Venue, Logistics, evening entertainment, team activities and all.

We also offer some good deals at some selected getaway locations. This can be extended within your organisation to motivate teams across laterals by way of offering them paid vacation. Check out our “Unwind” Section at the Homepage.

To help promote team efforts, we do customized apparels and accessories with your unique brand logo and a tag line. This will help in promoting camaraderie, unite their purpose and creating a sense of belonging among fellow team members resulting in less stress at the workplace.

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